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Laws and regulations of paper napkins

Laws and regulations

According to state regulations, manufacturers of disposable hygiene products requires more than the provincial health administrative departments to "eliminate quasi-famous", otherwise not allowed on the market. The ordinary life of paper, not in the dining use.  Their raw materials, health, quality standards are different. For example, the paper napkin production workshop requested disposable hygiene standards must be disinfected, isolated production, and toilet paper production plant, and there are no special requirements.  In addition, the napkin must be independent and small package, to ensure that from the factory to use always from the outside world, and generally use a large package of toilet paper; toilet paper only limited total number of bacteria, and each napkin to limit the number of bacteria.(Eg: web - toilet paper, kitchen towels, etc.) generally use low-quality roll of paper scrap books, newspapers and other beating made.  According to the production of toilet paper in the industry, according to state standards, these old books, old newspapers after disinfection, the bacteria per 100 grams of paper should not exceed 600, but some manufacturers web did not meet this standard.

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