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High quality technical service testing paper prices

Recently, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Xinhui comprehensive laboratory disposable sanitary productsmainly physical projects, the paper by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of measurementaudit organization, with satisfactory results.

It is understood that the new session Inspection and Quarantine has been focused on the introduction of the new session key district government projects, timely tracking, early intervention, full-service, to A Good activities and work closely with the paper napkins inspection and quarantine center, efforts to build a service-orientedauthorities.

With the import and export business life Xinhui region detected with the growing demand for paper products, Xinhui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is also expanding the field of testing, in the original already have the product on the basis of microbiological testing items, the council opened a laboratory specialized areas,acquisition and installation of the paper tensile strength testing machine, paper softness tester, water absorption detector paper, white meter, dust meter, UV analyzer and a series of physical testing items of professional equipment, and collect test standards, preparation of operational guidance documents, measuringequipment, training inspectors.

Informed State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of paper is organized life of the main items of papertensile strength and softness paper tissue measurements, after examination, laboratory personnel in the Bureau carefully studied before the trial test, attention test conditions, sample processing, device status, and ultimately achieve a satisfactory the results, inspection and Quarantine of the new session to a higher quality oflaboratory testing work, the service life of Xinhui district Paper base paper project.

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